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Esophagus is actually the organ in the form of the tube that connects the oral cavity and the stomach. It is of a muscular structure and, along with the throat it plays the big role in the process of eating, serving as the passage for the chewed contents to the digestive system. The muscles of the esophagus contract in order to push down the food and drinks to the stomach.


When the sense of burning is felt in those areas, it is, in fact, the common sign of the inflammation. But, this condition is not the same thing as the sore throat; while the burning throat is marked by an ardent and intense pain sore throat is associated with the pain at the base of the tongue (fauces and tonsils are affected) and pharynx (the tube which connects the esophagus to the nasal cavity).

So, the burning in throat and esophagus is not as usual as sore throat but the causes are the same because this condition can be the consequence of the spreading of the inflammatory process from sore throat. Those triggers are the inflammation of the tonsils an infection caused by a bacteria (most frequently by streptococci) and the lack of moist in the throat.


But, this condition happens most usually because of the infection of the esophagus since it is very possible to introduce a lot of unwanted substances when eating, for example. One could provoke this ardent pain when consuming some foods or drinks that simply irritate the membranes of the esophagus such as the cold alcohol drinks or very spicy and hot foods. But in those cases the pain will not last for a long time and the inflammation almost certainly won’t happen.

But, the inflammation of the esophagus can be triggered by overeating and by not chewing the food enough, too. This is the condition called heartburn and it often leads to the inflammatory process. Especially uncomfortable is the rising of the acid of the stomach up to the throat.

So, as far as the treatment is concerned, in the cases of rising of the stomach acid (which is the most common cause of the inflammation of esophagus), one should of course eat more slowly and carefully and sometimes the medications for calming down the stomach are recommended. In the more severe cases the surgical procedure must be performed in order to stop the acid reflux from damaging the esophagus.

That is, cutting of its lining might happen, and that can be the cause of some more dangerous condition since the scar from the cutting could grow into an ulcerous formation and thus the infection may occur also.

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