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Some people look for a new home for their pet as soon as they find out they are expecting a baby, while others decide to continue to live with their cat or dog despite a serious allergy. Pet lovers may judge the first group as being irresponsible, and praise the second for really seeing their pet as a permanent member of the family. Most will also admit that, if it would be their child, and not themselves, who was suffering from a pet allergy, tough decisions would have to be made. How do you go about the difficult and often heart-breaking process of finding a new home for your cat or dog, once your child turns out to be allergic?

As parents, our first obligation is to keep our children safe, happy and healthy. In the case of a pet allergy, that may unfortunately mean looking for a new home for a beloved pet. The thought of never seeing your cat or dog again may make you feel terribly sad, not in the least because you know that your pet will also miss his family and may be confused about their new surroundings. If you would love to be able to see your pet regularly, even if she does live in another home, looking for relatives or friends who are willing to take your pet in may be the best option for you.

There are several advantages to choosing someone you already know well. Besides the possibility of visiting your pet, you will also be able to make that your furry friend will be well-cared for in his new home. And, it is best to choose someone your pet already knows and likes, especially if it is your dog you are rehoming. Of course, it is not very productive to rehome your pet to a home where your child spends a lot of time. For instance, grandparents who look after a child several days a week in their home are obviously not the right candidates.

You know your pet best, and you will be able to judge what type of home is most suitable. Cats who love company are better off with pensioners than with a workaholic bachelor, and a farm dog probably wouldn't like living in a city very much. If your pet loves children, another family with non-allergic young kids around the same age may make a wonderful new home for her.

People who don't know anyone (suitable) who would welcome their pet, professional shelters and organizations that help rehome pets would be the only option. If you opt to go this route, do make sure that the organization is reputable. If possible, keep your pet at home until a new home is found for him, and make sure to meet the new potential owner before parting with your pet.

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