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Awareness of the fact that you are allergic to your favorite pet can be devastating. How to cope with that problem without separating from your cat? It can be solved with little intelligence.

Symptoms of cat allergy

A vast number of symptoms can appear due to cat allergy, and they are manifested as sneezing, watery eyes that are itching a lot, painful headaches, and some other signs that appear in this type of allergies. On the other hand, there are symptoms that may threaten your life and then the only possible solution is to find your cat a new home. First, one has to know what kind of a cat allergy can enable you to control it and keep your cat.

Other symptoms that may be caused due to the cat allergy are eye infections, redness and swellings, reoccurring bronchitis, shallow breathing and other problems that are related to respiratory system and skin. They can appear after or during the box cleaning or cat litter removing, but they can also appear when you are cleaning your house, mainly due to dander and some particles that cannot be seen with bare eye, but are very flexible and fast in moving.

Struggling against cat allergy

As we have mentioned before, if one has a cat allergy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to distance oneself from the cat. There are few methods that can be tried out before deciding on such step. HEPA filters can be a start with a cat allergy fight. If you put HEPA filters in every room of your home, and in you vacuum cleaner, you can be sure that there is less chance to get cat allergy.

Another thing that can also be very helpful is to have your cat neutered and sprayed. You can change your carpets and instead put floor in order to clear your home from dust mites and ensure that cat allergy will not appear as in the cases of carpets. You may also cover your pillows and mattress with tight casings, so that, you ensure you are not sleeping at the same place where the cat has slept before. As your final try in your fight against allergy, there are allergy vaccines. You can as well decide on some natural remedies, which you know are good. You can be more informed about natural remedies if you visit a homeopath or you can simply look for it on the Internet.

In order to deal with cat allergy, you have to improve your immune system and harmonize your body. You have to be strong to deal with allergens, so that you could beat them and enjoy time with your cat.

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