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People who suffer from edema know that sometimes it can be difficult to cope with this problem. It is not debilitating but it does cause discomfort, limits the activity and looks unattractive. There are different ways to treat edema, and massage chairs in one of the latest options.

About edema

Edema is abnormal accumulation of fluids underneath the skin, or more precisely, between the cells. Certain disorders affecting heart, kidneys, liver or blood vessels can cause this problem. Factors that contribute to edema symptoms are PMS, drug abuse and neuromuscular disorders.

Feet, ankles and lower legs are the parts of the body that are commonly affected by edema, due to their position, especially after long periods of sitting or standing. One of the most prominent symptoms of edema is swelling of feet and calves. People who suffer from edema have noticed that the swelling is minimal in the morning, but it increases as the day progresses. Increased swelling may cause stiffness in muscles and joints and cause difficulty walking or simply standing.

Edema can be pitting and non-pitting. In the pitting edema, the soft tissue does not bounce back as quickly as it should after it has been pressed with a finger, and there is an indentation or a small depression that persists.

Another symptom of edema is puffy eyes and swollen hands and wrists. People who have edema often have high blood pressure, heart palpitations and frequent urge to urinate.

Relief for edema and massage chairs

People who have edema are generally advised to keep their feet and legs elevated as often as they can, so that the fluids can go back towards the lymphatic system. Compression bandages are also effective, as they provide pressure that pushes the fluid back in the vessels. There are also exercises designed especially for people who have edema.

Shoes are very important too. There are even special shoes for people with edema, and it is important to try them on in the afternoon, when the feet are more swollen than in the morning.

Massage chairs provide relief for a number of ailments, most commonly stiffness, muscle ache and back pain. However, there are chairs with add-ons that provide compression to the swollen limbs and reduce edema. They are based on the principle of compression massage, which applies soft pressure and release and loosens the muscle or the joint, which helps with discomfort due to edema.

These chairs have a leg rest with air bags that surround the leg and apply compression while massaging feet and calves. This provides relief from stiffness and discomfort caused by the swelling. The best thing about these chairs is that they provide relief in one’s own home with massage that is always available.

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