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Swelling of the hands andfeet or medically called idiopathic edema, might be provoked by many differentreasons, and the condition is not serious in most of the cases. Pregnancy isone of the well known causes of swelling, because of the accumulation of fluidsin the body. During of after the exercise you can also notice some swelling inthe arms or legs. Hot weather, dehydration, poor nutrition, menstruation, allergicreaction, water retention and excess weight can also be blamed for the swellingyou experience.

Since the problem is rarelyserious, it can be managed at home and without medical consultation. However,if the problem persists, doesn’t respond to any home remedy or even gets worse,you should consult your doctor, to identify the root cause of such swelling.

Home Treatments for Swelling

Insufficient amount of wateryou took can cause your body to accumulate fluids and provoke swelling of thehands and feet. To avoid this condition, known as preservation mode, you shouldalways take care of your body and drink plenty of water. As optimal amount,doctors agree that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Excess intake of salt canalso cause swelling, so try to reduce the amount of salt you are using. Be carefulwith processed food, because it usually contains much more salt than you would think.

Any time you notice theswelling sit down. Your body needs to rest for some time, and the best thing youcan do to help is to elevate your legs on several pillows. When you positionyour body in such way that your feet are on the higher level than your heart is, itwill certainly decrease the amount of swelling you are experiencing in yourlegs and hands.

Serious Health ProblemsAssociated with Swelling

Sometimes, swelling in thehands and feet might be provoked by some severe conditions, such as arthritis,heart, liver and kidney disease, acromegaly, polycythemia vera, frostbite, bloodclots, allergic reactions to insect bites or medications etc.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophyand serum sickness can also be potential causes of the swelling of your handsand feet, which should be reported to your doctor.

Untreated swelling can furthercomplicate your health and lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), headaches,puffy eyes, skin ulceration, weight gain or even heart palpitations.

These conditions should beproperly diagnosed and treated, so make sure to visit and consult your doctor.Elevation of the legs when you are sitting and sleeping, reduction on theintake of sodium and in some cases taking diuretics are common advices. Doctors mayalso recommend regular walking to improve the swelling.

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