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A lot of pregnant women suffer from swollen feet, which is why it is very hard for a woman with this problem to stand or walk. This condition is caused by excessive accumulation of the fluids in the tissue, called edema. Fluid can be accumulated in different parts of the body, but most frequently it attacks feet. This is because feet are carrying a lot of weight during pregnancy and that puts pressure on the blood vessels in the legs. Due to that, the blood flow in the legs slows down and makes the feet swollen. There are other causes of swollen feet such as low potassium dieting, high temperatures and excessive caffeine or sodium intake. Also, if a pregnant women is standing for a longer period of time, she may suffer from swollen feet.
How to treat swollen feet during pregnancy?
This condition can be treated in different ways. If a woman drinks 2-3 liters of water daily, she will most likely solve her problem with edema, which is why pregnant women are often advised to drink large amounts of water. It is also important to choose comfortable footwear, because this can relieve the problem. You should do exercises for pregnant women in order to improve your circulation and reduce the swelling. The best thing you can do for yourself if you suffer from a swollen feet is to go to a massage. You can also massage yourself, but the result will be better if you go to a professional. Whenever you have the opportunity, elevate your feet and even during sleeping hours lift your feet on two pillows, because you will be much relieved. Purchase maternity support stockings and use them to prevent the accumulation of blood in your legs, try to change positions as much as you can, because being constantly in one position can make things worse. If you are sitting a lot when you are working, try to take breaks more often to stretch yourself. You should be careful about what you eat, so try to avoid foods that have sodium, and eat plenty of foods that are rich in potassium.
Should you be concerned?
A problem with swollen feet is not dangerous and it will disappear after the baby is born. You shouldn't worry if you suffer from this condition because it is pretty benign. However, if you experience swelling that is much larger on one leg than on another, it can be caused by the increased blood pressure, and if this case, you should visit a doctor right away.

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