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Almost every woman experiences swelling of certain body parts when she is pregnant. Slight swelling of the hands is quite common and while it is only slight, there is no need for worry. Apart from the hands, ankles and feet are the parts that swell during the pregnancy most often. According to the doctors, swelling is considered to be normal during pregnancy as long as it remains slight. The main reason why swelling occurs is due to the fact that excess fluid is generated in the body during the period of pregnancy. The body tends to retain more water and that is why swelling occurs. The medical term for this condition is edema.

The causes of swollen hands during pregnancy

Not a lot of people know that the circulatory system expands in order to provide blood for the growing fetus during pregnancy. According to the experts, a woman produces 50% more fluids and blood during the nine months of her pregnancy. This is normal and the body does that in order to meet the requirements of the growing baby. This is why it is normal for the woman to experience swelling in the face, legs, arms and ankles. The fluid is important for the softening of the body which is needed as the baby grows. The pelvic joints expand easier thanks to the excessive amount of fluid. Women need to know that 20% of all the weight they gained during pregnancy is fluids.

When swelling occurs?

It is not uncommon for women to notice swelling in the early stages of pregnancy but it usually occur somewhere around the fifth month of pregnancy. The swelling increases immensely during the last few weeks. Some other factors like heat, increased physical activity, too much caffeine consumption and others lead to swelling of the hands as well. However, women need to know that there are some ways to reduce the swelling.

Reduce swelling in hands

First of all, women need to avoid excessive physical exertion. Too much standing leads to swollen legs but too much sitting in front of the computer leads to swollen hands, so it is important for a woman to balance these activities. It is important not to strain the body. Mild exercises need to be performed in order for the circulation to be better. Drinking lots of water is essential. Apart from water, the diet plays an important role as well. Salt needs to be minimized and fast food needs to be totally avoided.

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