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Red Face Rash

This problem is very difficult to diagnose. It may seem that such skin problem cannot be caused by many problems, but, the fact is that it can. We will talk about this in more detail in the following text. As we have already said, many conditions can develop the red rash on the face. Dermatologists think that skin problems can develop the red face rash. Also, the rash can be an intermittent symptom, and due to this, it fades in weeks and months. Some of the other problems that can lead to the creation of red face rash are some allergens and substances that can bring problems due to the hypersensitivity of the skin. Such problems are sun rash, contact dermatitis and eczema. Also, the use of certain cosmetics can lead to the rash due to the chemicals found in the cosmetic products. In these cases, red spots and swellings may also be experienced for several days. There are some more serious conditions that can create the red rash on the face. They are poor blood circulation, kidney problems and many other complications of the skin. Also, the rash can simply be a result of taking some drugs or medications, or even a result of the stress.

Diagnosing the Red Face Rash

The first step is to see how the rash looks like, so stand in front of a mirror and see if it is scaly, because in such cases some disorders are probably the cause, or if it is not scaly, then many skin problems can be blamed on it. Next thing you should do is to feel the rash, since flat suggest many diverse problems, while rounded suggest completely other number of problems. Flaky and dry rash also suggest completely different troubles. Insect bites are usually to be blamed for raised, non-scaly and red rash, while measles and many other serious problems can develop flat, non-scaly and red rash. It can also be caused by Johnson syndrome and cellulitis. Scaly and red rash may be a sign of long term skin problems, like lupus, ringworm or eczema. They all have similar appearance, which is why they are hard to distinguish. Neck, back and hands may be affected by the small pimples.

Long term problems need medical attention, since the problem may become worse and affect other body parts. After the visit to the doctor, you will probably have to use antiseptic soap if the problem has been caused by eating habits, cosmetics or similar. Use this soap every day. Doctor can also give you antibiotics, but first try by using one dose in order to see if any allergic reaction appears. You can also use cortisone cream.

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