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Dry skin bumps are most commonly found in people allergic to something and in this situation, it is not a serious medical problem. However, dry bumps on the skin combined with itchiness or fever might be indicating some more severe conditions, so you should consult your doctor just to be sure.

Allergies, chicken skin, eczema as well as hives are the most commonly diagnosed problems in patients with dry skin bumps on the legs. To be able to identify and treat any of these problems, you must know specific symptoms and available therapy options.

Allergies and Dry Skin Bumps

Patients allergic to different allergens may experience red, itchy and scaly skin, with dry bumps and rash. The skin may also start to flake, triggering the signs of swelling and inflammation or even some blistering. People can be allergic to certain weather conditions, some food or even to anything they wear, like latex gloves. For the treatment, doctors must identify the cause of your allergy and treat it accordingly. In most cases, therapy includes antihistamine tablets or corticosteroid creams.

Chicken Skin

Some people may have dry skin on the legs due to a problem known as chicken skin or keratosis pilaris. This medical condition often affects upper arms and thighs, but it can also occur on other parts of the body. Most patients have more problems during the winter and less during the summertime, but proper moisturizing lotions and creams, especially those with vitamin D, lactic acid, glycolic acid, urea, tretinoin or salicylic acid are found to be helpful.

Eczema on Legs

Dry, itchy, red skin and dry bumps on legs may be caused by atopic dermatitis (eczema). One can develop eczema after irritation of the skin with allergens of any kind, such as soaps, pet dander, woolly clothes, but also after eating some food. Another possible explanation why people develop eczema is exposure to intense emotional stress. Once the diagnosis has been made, treatment options are usually antihistamine drugs or some creams.

Dry Skin Bumps Associated with Hives

Urticaria or hives may be characterized by raised white or red bumps and these are blamed for itching or burning of the skin. Allergies, certain foods, substances or medications and insect bites are very common causes of hives. As in any other allergies, patients who experience urticaria are often treated with antihistamine medications. Some of them, however, might not need any treatment, if the problem is not very serious.

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