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Excellent Way of Exercising and StayingFit

Exercise bikes are nothing new. Infact, since they first appeared, they have undergone many changes,becoming better and better, as well as more available, making itpossible for many people to enjoy their benefits in the privacy oftheir homes. And there is plenty to gain from these miraculousdevices. Not only does one provide him/herself with outstandingaerobic workouts which contribute to weight loss, calorie burning andmuscle toning. He/she also has endless amount of fun and versatilitywith whichever exercise bike he/she chooses.

As for the types, there are manydifferent manufacturers implementing various things into the bikes,making your workout experience better. However, two major types ofexercise bikes exist. The first is more or less standard andresembles the traditional bike greatly. The second, however, focuseson ergonomics, minimal impact and comfort and has a lower seat whichplaces you in the line with your feet. The later are called recumbentbikes and are becoming more and more popular. Both types have plentyof benefits for ones both physical and mental health and some ofthese will be mentioned throughout the lines below.

Brands and Types of Exercise Bikes

One of the most popular brands of thesedevices is Life Fitness. These bikes come in both regular andrecumbent forms, have possibility of supporting up to 400 lbs weight,possess many different exercise modes as well as modifiableresistance possibility, being equipped with a heart rate monitor aswell. For a price of about $1800 these present quite well a purchase,taking into consideration that the bike comes with a long termwarranty.

If you want something cheaper and moredown-to-earth, but still made well, Scwinn bikes are the right thingfor you. These bikes do not look superb or like they come fromanother planet. Still, they offer excellent exercising possibilitiesand long duration due to the exceptionally well builtcharacteristics. They also come with different exercise programs.However, they can be purchased for no more than $600, making them amore than a good bargain.

Still, who says you cannot have afuturistic recumbent bike and still pay $600 for it?! Ignite 745 hasa heart monitor, 16 adjustable exercise levels and 20 preset workoutprograms. On the screen available on the bike, you have insight intoyour RPM, calorie loss, speed, distance and watts data.

Finally, the cheapest, but still goodoption is NordicTrack SL 705. For a humble price of $400, this bikehas all the gadgets you will ever need, also being an excellentupright exercise machine at the same time.

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