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Weight management with iphone apps

There are various iPhone applications that make life much easier and more fun. Here are some free applications that come in handy when one needs help in losing weight, monitoring various exercises and many more health related issues.

Calorie Tracker comes from and it looks ups and tracks daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate and protein intake. It corresponds with the site’s nutritional database which contains over 450,000 food items and various items usually found on the restaurant menus. It can also count in and calculate various exercises and the amount of calories each of them gets burned. The application also consults the data found in the website’s forums, support groups and questionnaires.

Lose It! takes care of various stats involving goals, daily calorie budgets, foods, exercises, by the use of graphs that show progress. One can easily customize their own plan with the end date in mind based on the wanted weight loss progress.

40•30•30 is an application that deals with calculations of proper nutritional balances.

iPump Free Workout is a free alternative to iPump created By Declan Condron and it provides two muscle workouts for the entire body and is divided into two groups. Video demonstrations of exercises and a possibility of recording a workout log are included.

StepTrackLite is a simple pedometer which measures and keeps track of physical activity while the user strolls, walks and runs.

iMapMyRun uses the GPS technology in order to keep track of distance, time, pace and speed of moving. It requires an account on in which the user can run a log with maps.

iSPINNING is particularly useful for all mountain and road biking fans as it provides a possibility of designing personal workouts and various calculations even including the amount of burned calories. It is compatible with various fitness sensors, but in order to connect with one it requires additional hardware for a wireless link with the iPhone.

Pret-a-Yoga Lite is an application designed for yoga beginners and advanced yogis alike. It basically simulates a real personal instructor and includes audio instructions.

2Fat is a simple application for calculations of percentage of body fat and one’s personal BMI.

Heartbeat is a great application for the manual tracking of one’s heart beats per minute during a workout or during a break afterward. The application performs its calculation by reading from the beat tapped by the user’s finger. The beat should be in sync with the user’s actual heart beat rate.

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