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Smoking Cessation Characteristics

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. However, it is thebest possible method. You might try all the different ways of stopping likepills, nicotine patches and different drugs. However, nothing works like aclean break. But, this effectiveness comes with a consequence. There are manywithdrawal symptoms you will have to endure once you decide not to light asingle cigarette ever again. Every day of your cessation is a different battleand you have to endure them all in order to win the war. A good motivationalstrategy is to drown your several last cigarettes in an ashtray full with waterand keep it around. This way, during your rehabilitation period, whenever youfeel like lighting up a cigarette, you can take a smell of the ashtray and losethe desire instantly.

The Smoking Cessation Process

During your first day without cigarettes, your body willfeel much better even though you will feel much worse. You will have yourchances of having a heart attack significantly decreased even though you willbe feeling nervous, nauseous, or find it difficult to concentrate on yourregular activities.

During the second day, your body will start ejecting all thenicotine from your organism. This will result in an increased desire forsmoking, which you need to resist at all costs.

As the third day progresses,your mind will turn against your body. On one hand, you will experience longlost tastes and smells while on the other you will feel weak, nervous, doubtfuland regretful about your choice. Of course, persistence is crucial in thisperiod as well. Doing sports is the best counter-measure then, since you canonly benefit from speeding up the recovery process.

Day four is all about detoxification. You might cough a lotand feel miserable. However, this is all the part of your recovery and you onlyneed to bear with yourself for a few additional days.

The next day will be themost challenging one, since your senses will be equal to a non-smoker and your addictivemind will want to smoke now more than ever. If you manage to stay focused anddetermined during the 5 following days, the worst part is over and you are ableto leave cigarettes completely, without any additional withdrawal symptoms.

During the following week, your body will regenerate, youskin will look better, your teeth will be whiter, your senses will restorecompletely and you will feel better, stronger and more positive every day.However, you need to last for more than 6 months in order to become completelyfree of all the symptoms. Good luck, you can do it, just believe in yourself.

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