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The best remedy for hickies is actually its prevention. It would be best that partner spares you from unnecessary inconvenience of the past passion visible remains. While men think that Hickies prove them as better lovers, the reality is quite the opposite. The neck full of Hickies is very ugly phenomenon for observers who can’t take away look or thoughts from neck that looks as Dracula was in the visit.

Hickey can not be immediately removed, but certain methods can accelerate the process of its disappearance. If the person is aware of making a hickey, in the same moment, he/she should access to its removal. Hickey creates by the mouth suction wounding the capillaries which are situated immediately beneath the skin. Then the blood from the capillaries effuses in the subcutaneous tissue and coagulates. Curdled blood usually manifestoes already after one day in the form of dark bruises.

At first, hickied partner needs to do everything to stop the passion atmosphere by offensive comments. If partner is he, he should say to his partner, for example, that she has bad breath, while a woman always have a major advantage to make joke about penis size.

When the passion settles, it is time for the treatment of Hickey. The first thing to do is leaning ice wrapped in paper towels on the hickey. It prevents swelling of the damaged skin or blood vessels beneath the skin and constricts capillaries.

Now, it is necessary to apply massage to the injured part of the skin to break tiny blood clots and resoarb dead tissue in the body.

After a day or two after the emerging Hickey, it is necessary to apply heat therapy to expand capillaries providing enough blood to allow Hickey to recover. This therapy involves application of warm compresses 3 times a day.

If the hickey is painful, can be used Excedrin containing acetaminophen and Aspirin. These components relieve pain, reduce the amount of blood clots, and slow down the subcutaneous blood circulation. This medicine should not be used immediately after the emergence of Hickey, but after it already healed.

In the meantime, while Hickey is withdrawing, the women have a number of ways to cover it. One way is to wear the turtleneck and shirt with high collar. The second method involves the use of correctors, mostly with green hues, which in the words of experts, neutralize redness. However, men have slightly bigger issue about footprint hickey. Men can also wear turtleneck or put on the original bandage, which will cover the hicky. Also, when buying such a bend it is necessary to come up with a really good excuse.

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