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This nutritional supplement is gained from the fruits and plants and it will be the focus of this text. It has the anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties, along with the antioxidant abilities. It can also be used for the prostate problems, depression, anxiety, fatigue, arthritis pain, asthma problems and allergies, although some studies even suggest that it can prevent cancer. It can be made from the berries, onions, tea, red wine and apples. Several side effects may arise after the use of the quercetin.

Side Effects

One of the side effects is allergy, which causes symptoms such as tongue, throat, or lips swelling, mouth sores, hives, wheezing, breathing problems, itching and rashes. Nausea can also be experienced, along with the dizziness and vomiting. It can also cause migraines and vertigo, but this happens only in the most serious cases. Flushing and sweating are also felt along with these side effects. Another side effect is stomach discomfort, which is usually felt by those who are sensitive or weak. Stomach upset, acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn are possible side effects, too. These are common if the quercetin is taken on an empty stomach, so always take the supplement between the meals. High dosages of this supplement may lead to the kidney infection, but this is a rare and serious side effect. Taking wrong dosage of the supplement may lead to the pro-oxidant effect, which means that the positive effect becomes harmful effect. This further means that inflammation may be caused and not reduced, for instance. This can be avoided if the quercetin is used in small dosages.

Next possible side effect after the use of quercetin supplement is the hormonal imbalance, which is most common among those who use hormone replacement therapy. Pain in the joint and discomfort in general can also be felt and taking the quercetin supplement over a prolonged period of time causes this side effect. Functioning of the body antibiotics can be inhibited if the quercetin supplement is used. One of the antibiotics in the body is fluorouinolones. This is common side effect among those with high blood pressure. It is important not to consume more than 1500 mg of quercetin, or 3 dosages of 500 mg, since this is a small dosage. You can combine this supplement with bromelain, hesperidin, rutin and other bioflavonoids. This combination is advised since they make the absorption of the quercetin more efficient. You have seen which side effects may come as a result of the use of quercetin supplement. Be careful and remember to consult the doctor before taking any supplement.

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