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This text will focus on the antidepressant called the bupropion and the side effects that can arise after the use of this medication. Some of the most common of these side effects are nausea, tremors, constipation and excessive sweating, but we will talk about this more in the following text. We have said that this is an antidepressant and some mental problems may be eliminated with its use. Bupropion can also be used by smokers, especially by those who smoke 10 to 15 cigarettes during the day, since it can remove smoking habits. It can help with the problems associated with smoking and depression.

Side Effects

There are those side effects that do not require any treatment, but there are some that do. Those that do not require it are dizziness, indigestion and headache, but there are some more serious side effects that may occur and one of them is weight gain. This side effect is something that is extremely rare and can be even disregarded when compared to other side effects, especially with the weight loss, a second possible side effect of bupropion use. This medication caused weight loss among 28% of people participating in a study involved with this medication. But, although some may think that this side effect can be useful, the weight loss is a result of nausea and appetite loss caused by the bupropion, which is why it is a highly inadvisable method of losing weight. Another possible side effect is hair loss, but since it happens in 1% of all cases, we can classify this side effect as uncommon. Another uncommon side effect of bupropion use is memory loss, but just like hair loss, this side effect occurs only in 1% of the cases. Insomnia is a one of the most common problem associated with bupropion. People taking this antidepressant usually develop this side effect and it is common among those who take this medication in the morning hours or during the evening. We can conclude from this that the best time for taking bupropion is in the afternoon hours and not in the evening or morning. Remember to take this medication with time distance no less than 7 or 8 hours. Also, know that most cases of depression show problem of insomnia. As for the length of these side effects, it depends, because common and harmful symptoms last no longer than a week, while others may last longer. In some cases, medications are used for their treatment. Remember not to take higher or lesser dosages than prescribed and see the doctor if you are experiencing any problems after the use of bupropion.

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