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There are many possible side effects to usingmedicines. As far as Rutin is concerned, this medication has very diverseeffects among which some are very beneficial but there are several sideeffects. This medication is based on flavonoid which is one of the mainelements used for vitamin C absorption. Nutrition is very important for the Rutin,since the intake of it is connected with the food we eat. Rutin is not beingproduced in our bodies so we have to consume foods which contain it. Thismedicine is also effective in improvement of skin collagen and bloodcapillaries, treatment of varicose veins, blood pressure, vein insufficiencyand eye health improvement. Rutin can be found in broccoli tea, apples, citrusfruit, onions, eucalyptus leaves, and buckwheat.

We have already stated that this medicine is verygood but there are some side effects we will have to mention. One of them is miscarriage, since it can be used to provoke it, which isvery commonly done in the region of Latin America. When large amounts of Rutin areconsumed, adrenalin is absorbed for a longer period, which causes thenon-nutritive endometrium to fertilize the egg, and when this happens,miscarriage occurs. If you take large amount of Rutin in the first stages ofpregnancy, abortion is produced. People who have used Rutin, have stated thata feeling of tiredness and drowsiness is quite a possible side effect. Justlike almost any other medicine, allergic reactions to this one are possible. Ifthis occurs, swelling, problems with breathing, skin rash and chest pain areexperienced. After the use of Rutin, headache and dizziness may occur as well,and the effect can be very strong. Some studies and experiences show that deepvein thrombosis, extreme hair loss and white blood cells over-generation are possible side effects. A very discomforting side effect is the felling of stiffnessin muscles. Since this medicine is used for injuries in athletes, this sideeffect may be a problem for them. The last side effect of the Rutin we willmention here is the discomfort in the abdominal area, and the problems such as upsetof stomach or diarrhea can happen because of the fibers in the Rutin. But noneof this has been confirmed yet, so this is is just a speculation. At theend, let’s say that, although there are many positive effects, side effects haveto be respected. So try to use Rutin supplements or use it simply in a smalleramount.

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