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More or less all people are familiar with the dangerous side effects and damaging consequences that iron deficiency can cause to the body and the overall health of the person in question. It is also a wide known fact that the lack of iron is called iron anemia. One of the ways to treat this condition is by means of various iron based supplements, which are to be made a regular part of the person’s daily diet. Iron itself is known to be one of the most vital, and also one of the most widely found metals today. Another well-known fact is that this substance is an essential contributor to the body’s overall health, when present in proper amounts. Let us take the body of a grown up person for example, – it is known to be comprised of 3 to 4 g or iron and the greatest percentage (75 % to be more precise) is located in the blood alone. Among its most important functions is contribution to the creation of hemoglobin, which is essential for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. The anemia, which is a direct consequence of the presence of too little amounts of iron, is caused primarily by a low absorption of iron from the food abounding in it. This disability is also commonly referred to as the stomach hypo-acidity, as well the intestinal mucosa defect. Having iron deficiency in mind, in most cases doctors tend to write a prescription according to which a person should take 60 mg of iron, in combination with 500 g of folic acid, and do so on a daily basis.

Downfalls of iron based supplements

It might not perhaps be common knowledge, and therefore, it is even more important to mention, but both consuming of food that abounds in iron, as well the supplements that are also based on iron are not to be blamed, nor do they cause the occurrence of any side effects and consequences in those persons who are of good health. But it is important to take the above mentioned supplements in proper dosage, and avoid over consumption, for it can have a lot of unwanted and damaging consequences that can affect the body and the overall health of the person taking them. The most frequently occurring unpleasant side effects caused by supplement over consumption are various gastro intestinal disorders, skin related problems, discoloration, iron poisoning, serious health damages in case of pregnancy.

Preventive measures

Iron supplements should not be taken in combination with milk and other products consisting of calciumThey should be taken after meals, which ought to abound in citrus fruitsTo avoid teeth discoloration, it is necessary to use straws when drinking these supplementsIron supplements should not at any cost be given to childrenIron pills should be taken in prescribed dosages and not in excessive amounts, for they can only cause extremely damaging side effects

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