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Dogs age seven timesfaster than the humans and that is the reason why we miss some of their crucialphases, and why they begin and finish unnoticed. Some phases can’t be missed,such as sexual maturity, and losing of their curly and fuzzy hair. But, one thingis missed and that is the time when a puppy loses its first, baby teeth.

Teeth with a puppy

All of us who had apuppy must have experienced the consequences of sharp teeth of a puppy, thoughwe all forgive them once they look at us with their cute big eyes. That is whywe are all relieved when that stage ends. But, when exactly does that stagebegin? Has it ever happened to you to feel a sharp pin while walkingbarefoot? It is probably a puppy’s tooth. Anyone who has a child is aware howmuch discomfort can a teeth losing be and, on the other hand, it seems that thenature has taken care of dogs. Since they can’t tell us that they would likesofter food, they have to manage with dog food. You can find a puppy’s tooth ina most strange place, because it can even be stuck to his favorite ball, or tosome toy. In most cases, they are not found at all because the puppy eatsthem. Then how do we know that he has lost his teeth? It is simple, onceyou notice a funny hole in his mouth, you can be sure that he has lost a tooth.It is estimated that their baby teeth start falling out when they are 4 monthsold. It is a time of their life when they begin to do stupid things, actinglike teenagers. So, between 3rd and 6th month theirteeth should be changed. Some breeds are exceptions and they can keeptheir baby teeth until their 7th month.

The history of teethrecords a stage when mammals had only one set of teeth. But back then, 250million years ago, another system, a two teeth system, was developed. If you want your dog tohave strong, healthy teeth you should pay attention to his oralhygiene and maintain it. It should be done once a year or more often as apart of his vet visit. In some cases, only a few months are required for a dogto lose its tooth. And during that period they may suffer silently and losetheir appetite because of the pain. To sum up, if you have,or are thinking about buying a puppy, you should bear in mind that he may startlosing its baby teeth starting from the third month. If the dog is bigger, thenthis period will start a little later. Treat them with love and respect, andthey will know how to return all that love to you.

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