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People with crooked smile can have seriousproblems. They are usually very afraid to smile and expose themselves to beinghumiliated. This is one of the oldest problems people are facing. It can bevery difficult to experience this condition. Patient's self-esteem andself-confidence can suffer a serious blow if this problem occurs. However,there are several possible treatments for the millions of people with this kindof problem.

Before we talk about the treatment, we will focuson the problem itself. This may help you understand the causes and possiblesolutions to this condition. The condition is very diverse. We can even saythat almost every case is different. Many studies were performed in order tofind a probable cause of this problem. The solution was connected withheredity. The specialists claim that these problems can pass from a parent to achild, even from grandparents. Many individuals with small mouth can developcrooked teeth. This is true especially if they have bigger teeth growing intheir jaws. We can see that jaw has great impact on the production of thecondition. Crooked and crowding teeth depend on the upper and lower jaw's sizeand alignment. The problems occur when upper and lower jaw is malformed. Thiswill make the teeth grow in an unnatural way and position, and will lead tounder-bites and overbites. Lower and upper jaw can be protruded and lead totrouble. Many other things can affect the development of crooked teeth. Some ofthem are thumb sucking, loss of baby tooth, some medical conditions (mouthtumor or gingivitis), tongue thrusting, adult tooth loss and pressured mouth.We have mentioned possible causes for the crooked teeth. Those are the mostcommon ones, and the ones that experts have come up with, by conducting ameticulous research.

Now that you are familiar with the causes of crooked smile, we cansay a word or two about the treatment. There are many instruments which canhelp you with this problem. Among such instruments are invisalign, braces,reshaping and contouring tooth instruments, retainers, accelerated orthodonticsand certain porcelain veneers. We have stated previously in the text that thiscondition is diverse and treatments are quite different. The proper diagnose isneeded in order to find a suitable treatment which will bring effective solution of the problem. You will have to find the best solution to yourproblem. Usually the best way to do that is a medical consultation. Doctor willsuggest the treatment which patients should follow in detail.

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