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An Incontrollable Destruction

Teeth grinding while sleeping has been and has remained a problem of many. However, the peculiar nature of this condition makes it hard to be noticed, let alone treated correctly and timely. Namely, people who have the nasty habit of grinding their teeth during their sleep are mostly not even aware of it. Rather, they stay amazed and perplexed by their increasing tooth decay, unable to perceive the reasons behind it. Moreover, this action may take place only occasionally, therefore making one even more unable to know what he or she is doing. Yet, one's teeth get destroyed gradually, jaw possibly injured or displaced and many other conditions get from good to bad and from bad to worse, if this habit prevails. Therefore, it is important to have it noticed, either by the people living with you or those sleeping in the same room. Also, parents should pay closer attention to their child's sleeping habits, making sure teeth grinding is not one of them, taking actions if it is.

Possible Symptoms of Teeth Grinding at Night

First of all, there is the distinctive sound accompanying the action. The sound of grinding teeth is quite prominent and easily noticeable. Additionally, a person having this problem may complain about constant headaches or jaw pain. His or her teeth may start to deteriorate, their enamel being destroyed and their visual appeal noticeably worse. In some cases, there might even be loose teeth or teeth falling out. People close to this person should notice these symptoms and react timely in order to stop further damage.

Causes of Teeth Grinding at Night

Many things may trigger this unfortunate night action. Firstly, if someone has a tendency of teeth grinding during the day, it is high likely he or she will continue it during the night. Also, people who have bad jaw alignment, or those who suffer from some dental problems, may grind their teeth unconsciously during their sleep. Stress, aggressiveness, certain medical conditions or even medications add on to the list of possible causes, including a new dental filling your other teeth are not used to yet. Finally, babies tend to grind their teeth. However, unless the actions continues after their adult teeth grow, there is no reason for worry.

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding at Night?

First of all, in cases of any underlying conditions causing teeth grinding at night, it is best to treat them first. Once treated, there is a high likelihood that the grinding habit will cease as well. Additionally, you may purchase an either generic mouth guard or one made for you by your dentist. In cases related to children, making them cease their unhealthy chewing habits including clothes, pencils, excessive chewing gum exposure etc. will most certainly cause the cessation of the teeth grinding as well. Finally, if stress is causing teeth grinding, self control is crucial. Removal of the stress levels will remove the chance of this condition.

Visit your dentist as soon as you notice any of the symptoms and ask for his or her advice.

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