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A prune is essentially a dried plum, and the juices of this dried fruit are very good for helping with a large variety of health-related problems.

The European plum, which is also referred to as a sugar plum, is a type of prune that is used often to treat a variety of health conditions.

There are numerous health benefits that go along with drinking prune juice. Benefits

Prune juice is actually a puree, which is prepared by putting the fruit through steam in order to get the pulp nice and soft. The soft fruit is then put into a pulper and the puree is created.

The most common and well-known positive effect of prune juice is that it helps greatly with constipation.

It works as a natural laxative because it contains dihydrophenylisatin, which is a great treatment for a natural and effective form of relieving constipation.

The dietary fibers that are found in prunes also help with treating constipation. The insoluble fibers that are found in prunes will also be good for battling the bacteria that is present in a person’s intestines.

Prunes also have a lot of antioxidants which will get rid of the free radicals that seek to damage cells in the body. Because of this, eating prunes regularly is said to slow down the aging process, because when free radicals are left to roam freely, they will cause damage to the body that will show signs of early aging.

Not only do the antioxidants prevent the body from aging and looking weak, they also help with the absorption of vital nutrients in the most effective manner possible.

Sour prunes are used to prepare a drink that is called suanmeitang, which helps in preventing the build-up of lactic acid and works great in reducing acidity in the body. It also helps the digestive process run much more smoothly.

Prune juice will also keep the heart rhythm regular, which is due to the copious amounts of potassium in the prunes.

Blood sugar levels will also be stabilized by the prune juice and the time taken for food to go through the stomach and then leave the body is reduced because there are so many soluble fibers in the prunes.

Because of this, sugar does not reach the bloodstream as quickly and therefore, the levels of sugar in the blood are kept in check through natural means.

In addition, the phenolic compounds that are found in prune juice can prevent chronic diseases such as cancer from developing.

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