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Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged prostate is a common condition in the elderly men. It can affect urinary tract and cause problems with urination. Urination problems can include frequent urge to urinate especially at night, inability to empty the bladder, inability to start passing urine, pauses in urination, painful urination, weak steam and blood in urine. Other urinary tract disorders which can be a consequence of enlarged prostate are infections, stones in the bladder and problems with the kidneys. Standard medical treatment includes medications and various types of surgical procedures.

Natural Remedies

Besides standard treatment, you may try out some natural remedies which have been successful in dealing with enlarged prostate and urination problems. The most recommended remedy is saw palmetto extract. Another highly recommended cure is pygeum, a plant which originates from Africa. Tea made from leaves of stinging nettle is good because it has antibacterial properties and it improves hormone balance. Rye grass extract and beta-sitosterol extracts are also good for reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostate.


Dietary changes are recommended not just to relieve the symptoms of enlarged prostate but to improve your overall health and elevate the energy levels. Introduce omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. You can find them in fish oil and flaxseeds. Cranberries, blueberries and pineapples will help you with urination problems, especially if you have urinary tract infection. Make sure you include fruits which are rich in vitamin C, such as lemons and oranges. It is recommended to eat soy products, whole grains, olive oil and food rich in fiber. You should also drink plenty of fluids.

Home Treatment

Proper home treatment will ease the problems with urination. You should not drink anything a couple of hours before you go to bed. This will reduce the urge to urinate at night. It is known that coffee and alcohol can increase the frequency of urination, so it is recommended to stay away from both of them. It is not recommended to drink a lot of fluid at once. Instead, drink fluid in smaller doses more often. You should never hold back urine. When you feel the urge, try to find a toilet as soon as possible. Make sure you do moderate physical exercises. This will help in case of urine retention. You should avoid sitting for too long. You should also avoid cold weather because cold causes urine retention. Find the way to relax, because stress can only make your problems worse.

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