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Prostate Cancer – Naturopathy to the Rescue
Those people who find out that they are suffering from this type of cancer often find themselves at a loss what to do next, regarding the proper treatment therapies and medicines that need to be taken. Great many regular and conventional doctors, before giving any treatment advice, tend to just be on the look out as one from of an alternative between drugs or surgery. One of the underlying reasons for this is that this type of cancer has a fairly slow progression route, thus taking years to exhibit any symptoms problematic in nature.
Useful to Know
When taking the more naturalistic approach to this condition and observing things from that perspective, then that attentive period starts to resemble any proper type of the treatment, since during that time many lifestyle aspects of the person suffering from prostate cancer are in a way changed, and that in the first place includes the person’s diet. The changes are usually brought about spontaneously and in a form of prescription supplements and herbs. Given the fact that natural treatment (or naturopathic treatment) is tailored to precisely fit the needs of a person in question, the best way to make sure that this kind of treatment is effective is by hiring either a naturopathic physician, holistic medical doctor or, in case this is not possible for some reason, to do an in depth investigation into therapies naturopathic in nature and discover which are the most suitable ones when it comes to that person’s health.
Nutrition Guidelines
When it comes to treating many health threatening conditions, proper and healthy nutrition is considered to be one of the most important, and thus deserves a lot of attention. In case person’s nutrition is scant and not as healthy as it should be, this automatically makes it possible for the cancer to progress in an even faster manner and to grow more in size. What appropriate and healthy nutrition does is that it boosts and strengthens person’s immune system, starves cancer cells and creates and gives our body the so much needed micro and macronutrients. Things you should pay most attention too include the following:
Keeping your hands off sugar, because it is the most favorable food for cancer and cancer cellsFood sensitiveness needs to be curbed and eliminatedIncreasing amounts of water (equivalent of 50% of body weight in ounces of water needs to be drunk on a daily basis)
Most Beneficial Supplements
The most important purpose of supplements is to boost the nutrient levels and make your daily diet even more nutritious and healthy, so that, you could benefit from it even more and thus speed up your recovery.
Curcumin (400 mg 3 time per day)Fractionated citrus pectin (6 g two times per day)Genistein (200 mg per day)Green Tea (4 cups per day)Lycopene (10 mg per day)Melatonin (20 mg per day)Selenium (400 to 800 mcg per day)Vitamin D (25 to 50 mcg per day)Vitamin E (succinate) (1200 to 1600 IUs per day)Zinc (1550 mg per day)

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