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Prostate cancer and natural cures

The use of natural remedies in the treatment of prostate cancer is still under many discussions. The opinions are different, and while many recommend the use of natural remedies, on the other hand, many doctors do not recommend it and tend to state that the natural remedies even interfere with the medical treatment. Many people state that the natural remedies are good for them, but on the other hand, there are those who claim that these remedies only provide a false hope and nothing else. However, it is widely thought that natural remedies cannot cure the prostate cancer, although, they can relieve some symptoms of this condition. The natural remedies include herbs, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

One of the most common herbs that is often used and that is highly recommended in treating prostate cancer is Saw Palmetto. The benign prostatic hyperthropy is treated typically with this herb. Saw Palmetto is very good in reducing the levels of estrogen and in prohibiting the composition of growth stimulating dihydrotestosterone. Saw Palmetto is even more effective in treating the enlarged prostate than Proscar, which is the medicine usually prescribed for the swollen prostate. It is recommended to use this herb instead of Proscar, because it is less expensive and does not have side effects.

Another natural remedy for treating enlarged prostate is Pygeum, while prostatitis is often treated with Cernilton. Stinging nettle is also an herb that can be very good for relieving the symptoms of prostate cancer. Furthermore, antioxidants such as Lycopene, Selenium and Resveratrol are proven to be very powerful in the treating prostate disorders.

Other treatments for prostate cancer

Besides the natural remedies, there are several other methods that can be very beneficial for the prostate cancer. These treatments, such as acupuncture, massage and homeopathy, as well as magnetic therapy, are usually combined with the proper medical treatment. However, it cannot be stated that all these treatments can be a complete cure for the prostate cancer. Massage and acupuncture are widely used only as a complementary treatment and not as an alternative cure. A massage is very powerful for stress and relaxing of the patients. Homeopathy is also suggested, although the good qualified Homeopath should be consulted. Each patient usually needs different doses of different substances that homeopathy recommends. Magnetic therapy is usually used in order to slow down the growth of the prostate cancer.

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