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Prohormones - Facts

Artificial muscle supplements are the reason for manyserious debates. Scientists and doctors disagree about the effects and efficacyof these supplements. Nevertheless, many bodybuilders still use both steroidsand prohormones.

Prohormones are organic substances which get converted to activesteroids in the human body, enabling the synthesis of new muscles. Thesesupplements come up as steroids alternative, because they offer the sameresults as steroids and still they aren’t prohibited or illegal to be used. Both, steroids and prohormones have the same side effects.

Athletes who want to increase their muscles and/or decrease levelof body fat frequently use prohormones. These supplements are said to enhance theirstrength, endurance, and help them achieve lean muscle mass. Usually,bodybuilders use these prohormones supplements in cycles, regulating theireffect to the muscle building.

Prohormones are also used as an alternative to prescriptiondrugs for people that need hormones for replacement therapies.

Prohormones in the Body

Prohormones can be seen as body blocks which can produce anabolic steroids. Afterseveral different metabolic processes in the liver and the use of different body enzymes,they get transformed into anabolic steroids. The main difference between steroids andprohormones is in this place of transformation. Prohormones get converted intoanabolic steroids inside the body and because of that they can be legally used.Five common prohormones can be found in the market. These are:

4-androstenedioneis prohormone that converts to testosterone. About 5% of the taken amount ofthis prohormones supplement gets transformed into testosterone, but there is ahigh percent of the supplement that converts into estrogen. This transformationinto estrogen is responsible for the side effects, such as acne, gynecomastia,male baldness and enlarged prostate.4-androstenediol also gets converted totestosterone, with a slightly higher rate (about 15%). It does not convert toestrogen directly and therefore has less pronounced estrogen side effects. Italso has less androgen effects, since it doesn’t convert to dihydrotestosterone(DHT).19-norandrostenedione converts to nor-testosteroneand it doesn’t have so many anabolic or androgenic side effects astestosterone.19-norandrostenediol also converts into nor-testosteronewith a higher conversion rate than 19-norandrostenedione. 1-androstenediol gets converted to1-Dihydrostestosterone in the body. Its conversion rate is very high and itdoes not get transformed into estrogen. Because it still has androgenic sideeffects, people using this prohormones can suffer from male baldness,testicular shrinkage, acne and prostate hypertrophy.

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