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Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

A lot of people all over the world are suffering from osteoporosis. Those who are close to them and know what this condition bears want to know if there is a way a person can prevent that from happening to him or her. People need to know that there are ways a person can, if not prevent it entirely, then lessen the risk of developing it.

Exercise and lifestyle

In order to have healthy bones, a person needs to know that exercises are very an important part of that process. In order to enhance the strength of his or her bones, the best thing a person can do is to exercise regularly. Apart from having stronger bones, a person will also decrease the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition to this, a person will improve his or her mental well being as well. Experts agree that the best exercises for the prevention of osteoporosis are weight-bearing exercises, like aerobics and walking. A person can further decrease the risk of osteoporosis by ceasing smoking. Along with this, a person should make sure not to consume excessive amounts of alcohol as well.


The best way to prevent osteoporosis is to intake the right amounts of calcium because calcium is essential for the strength of the bones. It is important that the child receives the right amount of it, because that way the child will have more chances of avoiding osteoporosis later in life. Experts agree that a person should intake 800mg of calcium every day. A pint of milk is thought to have that amount of calcium in it. People need to know that they can also take calcium supplements. It is best that these supplements are taken with vitamin D at the same time. However, a person should talk to a doctor before doing so.


A person who is already suffering from osteoporosis should know that there are several treatments available which should help him or her fight the condition. In many cases, a person will undergo a combination of several treatments in order for the best results to be achieved. Hormone replacement therapy is one such treatment. This procedure is done in order for the oestrogen to be replaced which will reduce the rate of bone loss. However, women should know that there are lots of pros and cons in this procedure, so it is best to discuss it with the doctor first and get to know about other options as well.

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