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A lot depends on the health of the bones and muscles. A person will not be able to perform simple daily tasks if his or her bones or muscles are aching or suffering from some disease. Because of that it is essential that they remain strong and supportive when a person grows older. People depend on the bones for certain daily tasks from the day they were born. The bones will continue constructing until a person reaches 30 years of age and after that the bones will get more fragile. This is a good reason why a person should take good care of his or her bones before his or her 30th birthday.

A person can keep his or her bones in good shape with some simple exercises and the intake of calcium. Apart from calcium, there are certain supplements that will reduce the effect that aging has on the bones.

The importance of calcium

Calcium is a very important mineral for the health of the bones. Milk is the natural source of calcium and children should consume two cups of milk daily while the adults should drink three cups. There are tablets that have calcium in them but experts agree that it is way better to introduce calcium to the system through a proper diet. However, the food sometimes fails to introduce a proper amount of calcium because of the way it is cooked or processed. A lot of calcium should be consumed in the early stages of life. Apart from the calcium, the bones need magnesium and phosphorus as well.

Vitamin D is also important for the bones. Sunshine is the best source of this vitamin and that is why a person should go outside as often as possible. A 20-minute walk under the sun should be sufficient for the vitamin D absorption.

The importance of maintaining healthy bones

Strong bones are important throughout the life but they are really important when a person grows old. Simple exercises like walking help with the bone strengthening. Bones usually crack after a fall and that can be avoided if a person has strong bones.

Because adolescents do not realize the importance of strong bones it is in that time that the bones usually start getting weaker. Because of that, when a person reaches the age of 50 he or she will be more prone to certain bone diseases and fractures. Old people mostly suffer from a hip fracture, according to certain researches. Even though it does not sound life threatening, hip fracture can be fatal.

A person should also make sure that he or she does not get overweight because extra pounds put extra pressure on the bones.

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