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Nutrition for generally fit and healthy older adults


Every expert agrees that people who remain active will be a lot healthier than those who do not. A person will preserve both mental and physical health. It is important that a person remains physically active because that way he or she will keep the physical fitness and save muscle tissue. Elderly people cannot be involved in normal physical activities but walking and gardening for instance are good examples of exercises for the elderly. Energy

Elderly people might not need the energy they needed a couple of decades ago but the need for protein, vitamins and minerals remains. A person should consume various food types in order to introduce all the needed nutrients to his or her system. However, it is important to take care about the amount of calories.


Elderly people should make sure that they avoid eating saturated fat. However, various researches claim that a large number of elderly consumes too much of this fat. On the other hand, elderly people who are frail should include saturated fat into their diet.


The gut of elderly people is not as active as the one in younger people. That is the main reason why so many elderly people suffer from constipation and bowel problems. Consuming more high-fiber foods like cereals, fruit and vegetables will treat this problem.


Dehydration is a threat for everyone. A person may feel drowsy and even confused if he or she is not drinking enough fluids. Older people are more prone to suffer from dehydration because their kidneys do not work so well.


An elderly person who is fit and healthy should limit the intake of sugar. Weight gain is a possible side effect. On the other hand, people who are considered to be frail should introduce more sugar into their meals in order to gain weight.


A lot of elderly people suffer from anemia. There are various reasons why that are so but the main ones are lack of iron, blood loss and the use of certain drugs. This is why red meat is so important.


A strong immune system requires zinc. Meat and shellfish contain a lot of zinc.

Calcium, vitamins D and C

With age, people lose calcium from the bones. That is why a person should consume milk and dairy foods every day. Vitamin D is best gained when a person exposes the skin to the sun. A person who does not intake enough amounts of fruit and vegetables will lack vitamin C. One of the main reasons why elderly people avoid these foods is because of their teeth.

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