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It is a common problem for alcoholics to find that the recovery period that they experience can often lead to experimentation with other kinds of drugs. This often leads to related health problems. When the effect of chronic drinking is combined with the use or abuse of other types of drugs, this can lead to the creation of a wide variety of problems, both physical and mental.

Drug effects on the body
Stimulants and amphetamines serve to raise the levels of our alertness and physical activity. Heart pressure, breathing rates, and blood pressure are all raised through the use of amphetamines. Other side effects of the use of this type of drug include blurred vision, insomnia, loss of appetitie, dry mouth, and sweating. Some people might also feel moody, anxious, and restless. If you take large amounts of these drugs, then it might lead to a condition known as amphetamine psychosis. As a result, one might experience hallucinations, paranoia, irrational thought, and confusion.
Many people also partake in the drug known as marijuana. There are more than four hundred chemical compounds contained in marijuana. Some studies have arrived at the theory that marijuana contains more cancer-causing agents than are found in tobacco. It is possible that even lower doses of the drug can lead to problems with coordination, time perception, judgment, and reasoning. One can also suffer from memory loss, lowered sperm count, and lowered testosterone production.
Cocaine and crack are extremely addictive stimulants. Use or abuse of these drugs can lead to intense euphoria. This euphoria is very short lived, and can lead to users normally trying to recapture the high experienced originally. Cocaine use can lead to a rise in heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and respiration difficulties. Over time, severe nasal damage can occur.
Other hard drugs can also have some severe effects on ones body. Included in this category are codeine, morphine, opium, and heroin. All of these are legally used within the medical profession in order to provide patients with pain relief. Others, however, use them to alter their moods. This practice is illegal, an all narcotics should be considered to be both psychologically and physically addictive. People can suffer from problems such as liver disease, tetanus, infection of the heart valves, anemia, skin diseases, and pneumonia. In some cases, if overdose occurs, death can result. Drug abuse can lead to a wide variety of problems, and abuse of narcotics should be avoided.

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