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Early pregnancy comes with a set of pretty universal and unmistakable symptoms, that are easy to interpret. These include morning sickness, extreme fatigue, and of course a missed period. But some other common early pregnancy signs are not so simple to interpret, yet they are definitely caused by hormonal changes and pregnancy. Many women notice mood swings, and feel extremely emotional in the early weeks of pregnancy.

If you suddenly cry while you are watching the news, or even because a co-worker helped you out at work, or because the bus was late perhaps it is time to wonder if your period is late, too! This is actually how I discovered my first pregnancy. Someone made a random nice comment, really nothing special, and I found myself crying for some reason. A few days later, after I had taken a pregnancy test, I realized why I simply could not stop crying! But, instead of soft and easily touched by nice gestures, you might also be overly irritated and even angry all the time. Hormonal changes in early pregnancy can do unpredictable things to a woman. There are women who are emotional during their whole pregnancies, but mood swings are primarily a third trimester pregnancy symptom. What is the answer to these mood swings?

If your friends, relatives and colleagues know that you are pregnant, you can ask them to go easy on you and ignore any angry or emotional outbursts. Try and accept that emotional changes can be an integral part of pregnancy, and that it will get better as time goes on! While mood swings are not as easy to define as pregnancy vomiting, it is just another in a long list of pregnancy signs that is completely normal. Go with the flow!

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