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Green Salad Benefits

In general, green salads, that include lettuce and leafyvegetables, are considered to be one of the factors for long life and the most nutritionfoods available. Green leafy veggies are highly nutritious, especially thosewith darker green leafs. Leafy vegetables are excellent source of vitamins (A, K,C, etc.), minerals and fibers and the are rich in antioxidants. They are goodfor prevention and reducing the risk of diseases like cancer, stroke, heart andliver disease, and cataract. Green salad regulates the metabolism and has an aphrodisiaceffect. Above all it promotes health in general.

Raw vegetables and salads should be the main course in yourevery day menu. Unfortunately, Americans don’t eat enough of these foods. Recommendationis to eat 1 pound of greens or 2 large salads a day although you can never eattoo much of it. Due to its low calorie content, green salad is excellent for weightloss diet program.

One of its biggest benefits is that green salad is consumedin a raw state with addition of other raw vegetables. Green salad can be preparedwith appropriate dressing and garnishes. Meat, cheese, seafood and eggs may beadded as well.

Preparation of salads

Best choice for salad preparation is fresh and organic vegetables.Basis of your salad can be any leafy veggies such as spinach, kale, romaine,green leaf, red leaf, etc. Also, salad should include all colors therefore youmy add carrots, red cabbage, beets, potato, tomato, cucumbers, berries, seedsand even fruits.

Before you start making a salad, you have to thoroughly wash,clean and dry greens. You can do that with the use of equipment like saladspinner. You can wash it by adding some lemon juice in the water. Knife isanother important tool on preparation of salads. You contribute to variety bycutting, slicing and dicing vegetables in different sizes every time. It isadvised not to tear the leaves since 94% of beneficial flavonoids are that wayremoved.

When it comes to salad dressing, you should avoid industrialand go with the homemade ones to keep all the benefits of raw vegetables. Basicdressing consists of vinaigrette (combination of vinegar and salad oil) mixedwith herbs and spices. You can use garlic, mustard, ginger, salt, pepper,sugar, corn, nuts, beans, lemon juice, yogurt, etc. according to your taste.

Green salad is usually served cold. It can be appetizer,side dish, main dish or dessert.

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