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Finding the time and place to do postpartum exercises to get back in shape after having a baby is tough. Some lucky women among us have their old figure back the minute they give birth, and those celebrities that look so wonderful weeks after becoming mothers probably have whole armies to look after their babies and help them find the perfect work out routine. For the rest of us, getting in shape again comes in five-minute sessions while our babe naps... at home.

That doesn't mean getting your body back is Mission Impossible, though. Many new mothers need to lose a little weight after giving birth, but almost every postpartum mom could do with a more toned body. If you are used to working out at the gym or doing aerobics, or being part of a sports team, it can be extremely hard to develop a new attitude towards exercising.

I was among those women who didn't need to worry about weight loss after pregnancy, but my belly looked horrible and my toned muscles were gone from other parts of the body too! With a tiny newborn, there was no way I was going to the gym. And I had a serious lack of time too. During that time, I came across an informative paper with exercises folks in the military do. These exercises need to be flexible soldiers don't carry a home gym and weights with them on the battle field!

Exercises like push-ups, ab-crunches, and other strength-training work outs that can be done alone without special equipment, or with the assistance of a partner, are excellent for new mothers too! My husband and I both got in shape with the help of guidelines for the military, and the partner-assisted exercise routines gave us the bonding time we needed too. Postpartum exercising can be done in your home, and if you don't even have a 30 minute baby-free stretch, ten or five minutes will do just fine.

Several such short work-out sessions will all add up, and before you know it your body will start transforming. You will look even better than you did when you were trying to conceive your baby! Besides specific muscle-strengthening exercises, you will also need cardio work outs. In the home, one of those treadmills can help. Of course, walking or jogging outside with your baby is even better. Walking miles around the shopping mall is another option, especially if you like shopping for your baby!

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