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This text will focus on an issue called postpartum hair loss and after we present the causes and the treatment methods of this problem, you will never have to be scared of it again. Detecting few hair bundles on a pillow in the morning may be a shock, a shock that is particularly common among new mothers. The fact is that this is a very common and normal problem that mostly affects women.


We will see next what can cause this problem, but to move to that part, the growth of the hair must be explained. There are two stages in which hair can be, the resting stage, in which only 5% of hair is, and the growing stage, in which 95% of hair usually is. When it starts to fall off, the hair has reached an unwanted stage called post-resting stage. There will be new hair growing on the place of the hair that has fallen of. During the day, it is normal for a woman to lose 100 strands of hair, but this is not associated with women who are pregnant. In this period, the level of estrogen in elevated and this makes the hair-growing phase extended, and reduces the number of hair located in the resting stage. This further causes smaller number of hair falling out when the resting stage ends. But the level of estrogen will drop after the delivery, and resting stage will be fully populated. This will lead to the increased number of hair falling off. This period is temporary and lasts only for a year.


The alteration of the hormones during pregnancy cannot be avoided and thus the postpartum hair loss cannot either, but controlling or minimizing the problem may be possible. We will see which remedies can help if you are having such problems. A balanced and healthy nutrition can stimulate the growth of hair and treat the loss of hair. Include fish oil, flaxseed oil, fish, avocados and nuts. Another thing that can be used refers to vitamin supplements, like calcium, zinc, biotins and silica. You can also use oils, such as lavender oil or olive oil, for massaging the hair. This will lead to the increased flow of the blood to the hair follicles, but only if massaging is regularly done. If you have healthy body and you are not exposed to stress, the problem will be avoided. So try to do yoga or some other exercises such as breathing exercises; this will relieve you from stress and make your body healthy. Also, try to use herbal shampoo, and if you want, cut your hair short since this may help as well.

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