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Pregnant women will notice their bodies going through a lot of changes mostly caused by hormones and hair is not an exception. You may notice that your hair looks more beautiful and shiny than it did before you got pregnant, and that your head of hair is fuller than it usually it. Thick manes are one of the biggest "perks" of being pregnant, in my opinion! So, what causes this? And what else can you expect?

Why is my hair thicker during pregnancy?

Normally, five to fifteen percent of your hair is in the so-called "resting stage". This is the final stage of hair growth, when it stops growing but before hairs fall out. It is normal to lose around a 100 hairs every day. At the same time, the rest of your hair is still in the growing stage and not about to fall out yet. That is why every person with even slightly long hair notices shorter hairs growing. During pregnancy, the hormone estrogen is abundant. This hormone causes hairs to remain in the growth stage for longer, and less hairs will fall out. That is why your hair is thicker while you are expecting a baby.

What else do I need to know about hair during pregnancy?

Many women wonder about hair care during those nine months. Should you color your hair during pregnancy? Well, that is a personal decision. There has not been much research into the effects of hair coloring on unborn babies, and there are also stories about hair dyes not working on pregnant women or hormones causing the color to turn out differently. I did, personally, dye my hair during pregnancy and have not had any problems. My kids are happy and healthy and actually ended up naturally having the color I dyed my hair. Ha! What a coincidence.

Postpartum hair loss

Unfortunately, those beautiful pregnant locks won't stick around forever. You may notice postpartum hair loss around six months after your baby is born. Don't worry you are not going bold! You are just returning to the way things were before.

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