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What would be a perfect gym exercise routine for a beginner?There are the some basic rules that should be followed in order for the effects toreach the maximum, but other than those, the beginners are pretty much on their own.


When we say that the beginners are on their own, we do not think that there will notbe any help from the gym instructors, or some more experienced people in a gym, butthe problem is in the mind. Just think how many times you actually started witha gym and left it after a couple of weeks or months, saying that other obligationsare simply too much for a training session to squeeze in. But going to a gymmust not be an obligation; it has to become a normal thing, a regular part ofdaily routine. And here are the tips for that. Gym location is very important and it either has to be very close to home, or very close to work. In this way no timewill be wasted for going to your new favorite place. Also, it might be for thebest to start with a friend who also has a strong desire to change the shape ofthe body for better. Also, the gym has to be a good one, with enough space, severalcopies of each working station, with quality air conditioning etc. Why severalcopies? When we talk about routine, some people recommend fast and furiousworkout, which means jumping from one exercise to another. This might be a littledifficult for a beginner but it might be the best possible way to reach thewanted effects in a short period. And yes, this means that at any given momentyou need to have an available station for your exercise, which also shortens thetime you will spend in the gym, which is another good thing. Amount of the moneyfor monthly or weekly charge is important but not that much, since it is spendfor the best possible cause.

Choice of exercises

At the very start, do not pressure yourself with too muchweight and doing everything properly. Try everything, get every of your musclesto work; see what you are good at and what you are not. Then, when you realize whatyou want and need to do, create a routine. Healthy routine would include threeor four sessions a week, not more. That is an ideal schedule for creating thebest muscle growth effect and still having enough time between the sessions to restthe tired body.

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