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Bad circulation in hands is a disorder characterized by a limited the blood circulation to this part of the body. This medical condition occurs because the blood vessels are blocked with plaques that are actually fatty substances. The most common symptoms of bad circulation in hands are cold and painful hands and palms. Furthermore, those with bad circulation in hands may experience tingling sensation in hands, as well as cyanosis of the skin on hand that occurs because of oxygen insufficiency.

Causes of bad circulation in hands

The main cause for the occurrence of this condition is the above mentioned plaques. However, these plaques are formed because of several reasons, such as medical conditions, diet and lifestyle. The people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are at high risk to have poor circulation in hands. Moreover, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle and placing hands in improper positions may be also some of the causes for the occurrence of this condition. Peripheral vascular disease is also one of the causes of bad circulation in hands.

Treatment of bad circulation in hands

Since bad circulation in hands may be caused by various reasons, the doctor must first determine the cause that has induced this condition. It is necessary in order to prescribe the appropriate treatment. After examining the patient about his/her medical history and medical history of family, specific tests are done. These tests are X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging. Poor circulation in hands may be treated and successfully cured with certain medications, healthy diet and regular exercises. In the majority of cases when bad circulation in hands is not severe but mild, only proper diet and physical activity may be very effective. Many doctors prescribe Aspirin to treat this condition.

The diet should be rich in fiber and exercises should be regular but moderate. Furthermore, smoking and alcohol should be avoided. It is also recommended to have normal body weight and lose weight in the case of obesity. There are several home remedies that can also be very effective in treating poor circulation in hands. For example, a massage to the hands with lavender and rosemary oils before going to bed at night is very powerful. It is advisable to avoid holding cold objects. It is also proven that blood circulation can be improved by eating pumpkin seeds. Garlic should be eaten every day, and since caffeine and nicotine tend to constrict blood vessels, these two substances should be avoided. Moreover, vitamin C and vitamin E are very effective for the improvement of blood circulation.

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