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Bad circulation is a common problem for millions of people allover the globe. Many of them are not aware of this medical condition and/ortake it very lightly. However, this problem is in general very similar to coronaryartery disease or carotid artery disease, since it is also caused by fattydeposits in the inner lining of arterial walls. If you are suffering from badcirculation you may also hear your doctor telling you that you have peripheral vasculardisease or PVD, because this condition has its medical name.

Accumulation of fat in your arteries may not cause problemsin early stages, but it can only get worse over the years. In very early daysof this disease people usually have no symptoms, but the illness progresses andcan cause much damage or even death. Arteries are responsible to bring oxygenand fresh blood to all organs in your body. Accumulated fat gets in the way ofthe blood and our organs don’t get sufficient amount of blood or oxygen andthis causes problems.

Symptoms and Complications of Bad Circulation

Bad circulation can affect your hands, feet, arms, legs,kidneys or even brain and the heart and the symptoms depend on the affectedorgan(s). People may notice lack of sensation in their feet and legs and crampsor pain in the feet, legs or buttocks. There is also a chance to experiencesome swelling in the legs or arms and tired feet. Cold feet,legs, arms or the hands can also indicate bad circulation.

Headaches and dizziness can also be something people may sufferwith because of bad circulation. You shouldn’t forget itchy skin, chest pain, poorappetite and lack of focus as some of the symptoms of peripheral vasculardisease.

People suffering from bad circulation should visit their doctorand talk about their bad circulation, since it may lead to hypertension, heartdisease, kidney problems, dementia, stroke or even death in some cases. Patientshave been known to have lethal heart attack or stroke caused by peripheralvascular disease.

Prevention and Treatment

Complete check up at your doctor’s is necessary if youexperience any of the symptoms mentioned above. Sometimes, sleeping in oneposition for too long can cause numbness and lack of sensations, but if thishas happened several times it is probably bad circulation and not the sleepingposition.

Healthy lifestyle can prevent bad circulation to some extent.Make sure to exercise regularly and eat healthy, because fatty diet and junkfood are associated with increased risk of PVD. Quit smoking and try to livestress free or manage the stress in your life.

Treatment measures usually include medications and surgicalprocedures, but these patients are also advised to live healthier and engage inregular physical activity.

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