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Most people are not really sure what the problem acne vulgaris means and what problems it causes. Most think that this is a very problematic and discomforting issue, which can impact even the "private body part", but this is not always true. In the following text, we will focus on this medical condition and provide some information you may have not have known.

Acne and the origins of the word

There are several types of acne and in order for the treatment to be successful you have to know which problem you have. We will see what the features of acne vulgaris problem are so that you can know if this is what is bothering you. Also, we will look at the possible treatment options for the acne vulgaris. Vulgar is very similar to vulgaris but the term vulgaris describes something ordinary and common. If you say that something is vulgar, you would mean that it belongs to the lower class and it is ordinary and common, otherwise you are politely telling them that something is not appropriate. Some may have problems with the meaning of word vulgar and its meaning of common, but this word was usually used in the upper class and they frequently referred to lower-class people with vulgar, because they are so "common".

Types and Treatment

Now we will talk about the condition acne vulgaris, which is basically common acne problem and there is no difference between common acne and acne vulgaris. However, there are differences between types of acne, like differences between the cystic acne and acne vulgaris. One of the most serious acne types is cystic acne because they produce bacteria filled pimples. These bacteria go very deep into the skin, which usually leaves scarring. Topical ointments will not provide any help with cystic acne because bacteria causing the problem in located deep in the skin. They can only be treated with antibiotics or something else that the doctor prescribes. Problem of common acne can be eliminated with a proper skin care, nutrition and use of topical ointments. Know that common acne should not be considered as trivial because they can cause great breakouts, which can be hard to eliminate. Some cases may be very serious and untreatable by topical ointments and this is when antibiotics need to be used. Laser therapy, light therapy, micro-dermabrasion and other procedures can be effective if other treatments prove unsuccessful. There are many removal and prevention programs provided by dermatologists, which are very useful. Also, a lot of information on this subject can be found online.

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