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Those seeking to alleviate at times quite unbearable pain coming fromosteoarthritis will surely be happy to discover that the combination ofglucosamine and chondroitin can provide them with exactly those sought aftereffects. In addition, and for the purpose of increasing the overall efficiencyrate, together with the two, recommended quite often is also methyl sulfonylmethane.


Theformer two, i.e. the glucosamine and chondroitin, are regarded as providingthat most essential foundation for cartilage, as well as connecting tissues.This is one of many reasons why they are most frequently employed for thepurpose of treating a couple of illnesses, arthritis particularly.

Glucosamine is is actually an amino sugar, which is naturally present in our bodies.Its primary function is to increase the production of specific proteins, aswell as lipids in one’s body.Chondroitin isalso naturally occurring, but it belongs to the category of nutrients and isknown to be a part of the bodily system of just about any mammal.Methylsulfonyl methane representsyet another compound, natural in origin. This compound is known to aid in the maintenanceand keeping the hormonal balance in check, as well as in controlling thefunctioning and activity of the enzymes present in our bodies.

Inorder to achieve the best of results (e.g. alleviate the troublesome effects ofarthritis) and fulfill one’s goals, people are advised on taking dietarysupplements, or second best, to combine tablets of glucosamine, chondroitin andmethyl sulfonyl methane.

Dosagesand advantages

Whenit comes to those most evident advantages of proper dosages of the twosubstances, special attention should be paid to the following:

They are known to alleviate the pain affectingperson’s joints, as well as the swelling within the joint itselfThey enhance the depth of the articularcartilage on surfaces that bear the most loadThey are quite beneficial when it comes totreating the glaucoma, as well as elevated blood pressure, anemia, osteoporosisand heart diseaseBesides having an extremely beneficialeffect on the flexibility of the person’s joints, their sulfates are also knownto facilitate loss of excessive weightThey embetter the synovial fluid viscosity by way of boosting the production of hyaluronicacid, otherwise known to be the component of synovial acid. Furthermore,synovial fluid is known to play the essential role in lubrication of the joints

Asfar as the dosage is concerned, the recommended glucosamine dosage should not tobe greater than 1500 mg on a daily basis, whereas the recommended dosage forchondroitin is 1200 mg, which is possible to take in divided doses as in the casewith glucosamine.

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