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Have you and your partner decided that your family is complete? If you would like to take measures to make sure that you cannot get pregnant again, you may have more options available to you than you thought. Which of the permanent birth control options is right for you?


We've got to mention it, if only for fun. If you never have sex again, you won't get pregnant. It's not for everyone, or even most people, but abstention is certainly an extremely reliable birth control method.

Tubal ligation

A tubal ligation is a medical procedure during which the fallopian tubes are severed or blocked. Because it is a relatively major procedure, every woman contemplating this option should certainly look into the pros and cons of getting her tubes tied carefully before making a decision. A tubal ligation may be very appealing to you if you are pregnant, and going to give birth by c-section. Your medical team can carry the tubal ligation out immediately following your cesarean.


A male vasectomy is much less invasive than a tubal ligation, and also much less expensive. Vasectomies are over quick, and can be carried out as an outpatient procedure. Most vasectomies pass without complications, but there are possible vasectomy side effects that you and your partner should look into before making the decision.

Adiana and Essure

Adiana and Essure are relatively new permanent birth control options. Unlike a tubal ligation or a vasectomy, Adiana and Essure are not reversible. Also unlike getting your tubes tied or your partner getting "the snip", they are quick and involve no surgery. Although the respective methods vary slightly, both involve placing small inserts into the fallopian tubes. After the inserts are in place, tissues will naturally grow around them resulting in blocked fallopian tubes.

The menopause

Nature eventually has a lovely way of taking care of your needs. If you are already at an age at which you can be expected to go through the menopause soon, you may want to think twice before having any permanent birth control procedure carried out. Soon enough, you'll be liberated from menstrual periods and ovulation!

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