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Even though eating disorders are mostly connected with females in their teens, young men commonly suffer from these health issues too. Namely, over-controlling father and mother, forcing the child to reach athletic success and stay in a perfect physical shape is the main reason behind eating disorders in young males.

Facts about Eating Disorders in Young Men

Many studies have results which confirm that this pressuring towards excelling in physical activities and athletic sports is the main reason behind eating disorders in young males. Once a boy or a young male faces these obligations, he feels that he needs to advance excessively, not wanting to cause disappointment. This state of mind can often lead to low self-esteem which he battles by managing his own diets rigorously, exercising intensively in-between.

The Exercise and the Sexes

Exercising shows the differences between eating disorders in young males and females. Namely, while girls simply stop eating as much as they used to in order to lose weight, male eating disorders commonly manifest through weight gain. Namely, females are not interested in boosting their muscle mass, since this will make them larger and increase their body weight. Thus, they opt for diets instead.

If young men develop anorexia or bulimia, this mainly happens due to an over-controlling mother and issues regarding sexuality, even though there can be other reasons behind these conditions as well.

Unhealthy Obsessions

Males commonly indulge into eating disorders due to their desires to achieve the perfect body. Basically, while most teenage girls who suffer from anorexia see themselves as fat, boys with eating disorders see themselves as scrawny, regardless of their bodily figure.

Moreover, the athletic requirements of modern times demand more physical mass than it was necessary in the 50s, for example. Thus, today, many young men have more reasons for developing eating disorders, especially if they want to become professional athletes. Becoming bigger and stronger is the obsession in sports today and these requirements can easily lead young men astray.

Today, exercising and a proper diet are simply not good enough for physical advancement. Rather, males need to use steroids in order to increase their body mass abnormally, achieving a world class body. However, this kind of striving can easily trigger eating disorders in young males. Thus, the world itself needs to change, since the current set of rules is more likely to create young men with health problems than professional athletes.

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