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There are so many orphans in this world, so why must be the adoption so hard? First reason that comes to my mind it s because adoption is a lifetime commitment. Adoption is not an act of charity, and it is not something to be done because of social responsibility. Adoption is not the same as sponsoring a child, or even worse buying a product. Adoption is a lifetime commitment to love, care and responsibility for a child. People adopt a child because they have been trying to conceive a baby and weren't awarded with the gift to become biological parents. They want to be parents more than anything, and no one has the right to take that dream away from them.

Second reason in my opinion is the screening process. Screening process is rigorous and intense and it should be. There is no greater responsibility I can think of than being a parent to a child. Parenthood is irreversible responsibility, and not only parents-to-be, but also social workers must be very sure about taking this huge step and be entrusted with full parental responsibilities and rights. That could mean getting your criminal record checked, your home inspected, and turning a searchlight on your deepest darkest doubts of becoming a parent, it is all done for the sake and better life of a child.

You also must undergo numerous interviews and trainings, and complete the pre-adoptive home screening process. Be aware that home screening processes vary from agency to agency, and also whether considering domestic or international adoption. Another reason adoption might seem so hard in part because there is a culture of fear surrounding adoption. This could be a fear of having your child returned to the biological parents, perhaps the fear of the adoption process costing too much. Building a family through adoption can be both exciting and challenging, but if you understand legal adoption process, whether you are considering a domestic or international adoption, the process should be easier.

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