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Are you considering becoming a parent through embryo adoption, or did you undergo IVF treatment and are you looking into donating embryos? Regardless of your personal situation, you are obviously looking for more information. Perhaps hearing real stories about embryo adoption is the best way to get thoroughly acquainted with what this unique process means. But, where can you find out more about couples who either adopted embryos or donated them? Here are some suggestions:

If you are adopting or donating embryos through a fertility clinic, and even if you are not, you can ask your fertility clinic to put you in touch with couples who became parents in this way. It is also good to examine the side of the donor how do couples who donated embryos feel about embryo donation years after the fact? Some Christian organizations organize embryo donations. This is a good way to get in touch with people with direct experience as well. There are some studies about embryo donation that you may like to look at, even though many have serious flaws. And finally, the internet is a wonderful resource. Here, you can find personal stories of embryo adoption, both from the point of view of someone who donated embryos and from the perspective of those who became pregnant after IVF with donated embryos.

Embryo adoption and embryo donation are both extremely serious processes that potentially have life-long psychological consequences. It is wise to examine your feelings about embryo adoption in great detail before making any decision. Especially those who are donating embryos may feel like they are giving up their biological children and may need help to come to term with the loss. The implications for the donor-conceived child must also be considered. Because embryo adoption is a relatively new process, not much is known about this side of the story.

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