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Corporate testing

When it comes to performing drug testing among corporate, i.e. company personals, the most frequently employed are urine tests, as well as hair follicle tests. In order for a person to pass successfully the drug test, s/he needs to be positive on the urine test first. After the sample has been obtained from an individual, this is further passed on to a certified laboratory for examination, and not long after the results are available for inspection. Different method from this one includes testing the person’s hair follicles. The reason why this test is even more efficient is that the probable dose of drug intake can be determined this way. Aside from these two methods, another one that can also be employed is the saliva test, but this method is seldom used. The most funds consuming amongst them all is, of course, the blood test. One of the reasons for this is that this method has two different phases. The first includes a selection of blood, urine, hair follicle, or saliva from the individual in question. Next, the acquired sample gets divided into two. The first part of it is then tested for screening by way of immunoassay – an uncomplicated, funds non-consuming but nevertheless extremely accurate testing method. The following step is completely dependable upon the former one. In case the initial step is determined as negative, testing ends there. However, if the first step is positive, then the latter comes into play and it involves examination of the second part of the previously taken sample. This test is the one that is used as the revelatory one.

Drug testing as a process is on the whole performed with much care, safety and expertise. In order for the proper results to be acquired, it is essential to keep the sample safe from any effects that may alter its composition. This means that the container must be clean and immediately after the collection of the sample, it needs to be examined for acidity, as well as for temperature. Besides this, proper labeling of the sample containers is vital. Taking each and every of the before mentioned precautionary measures is of utmost importance, for it is this that will either provide the needed results or will not provide any valuable results at all. Failure to adhere to these steps can, as in most cases does, render quite unsatisfactory final results, which are of no use to anybody and serve no purpose.

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