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Drug testing is found out to be very important in order to identify addiction from the drugs in certain groups of people. It can be used at home, in schools or at workplaces, as well as in different sports to discover who is addicted to some drugs. Multi panel tests enable easy identification of drug metabolites present in urine and all it takes is one sample of urine. This way, you can find out whether your teenage child, students or your employees (ab)use something or whether athletes are addicted to some drugs.

Procedure for Multi Panel Drug Test

As mentioned earlier, this test is used to detect metabolites of the drugs in the urine sample. It can identify any combination of the drugs, such as amphetamine, metamphetamine, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, methadone or opiates. It can also identify abuse of drugs like benzodiazepine and barbiturate, by finding their metabolites in urine sample. Additionally, multi panel drug test can also identify metabolites left by the use of phencyclidine in the body.

For this test, a person doesn’t need any additional instrument and the test is very easy to perform. After just 5 minutes you will have accurate, easy to read and well displayed results about the drugs used by this person. To perform the test, make sure that urine sample and pouch with the test card are on the room temperature. Hold the test card vertically, so that arrows and test strips point downwards. Immerse the test card into urine sample for some 10 to 15 seconds, only to the maximum line and not more than that. Remove the test card, place it on some non-absorbent flat surface and read the results in about 5 minutes, from result area of the card.

The test results may not be true if you happen to consider the test card 10 minutes or more after the test. Also, there is a possibility to miss any lines on the test card and in that case the test should be repeated once more. Even though this test reveals drug abuse, these are only preliminary results and you will need some other methods, such as GCMS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) to confirm the results.

Why is Multi Panel Drug Test Better than Other Drug Tests?

In general, all you need for multi panel drug test is one sample of urine and you can test it for the presence and abuse of 10 to 12 different substances. It is therefore highly efficient test, especially beneficial for randomized drug testing and testing on-site. Also, taking a separate test for each of these substances will take much more time than 5 minutes you need for multi panel drug test.

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