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Drug Testing

Almost all drug tests used these days are modified marijuana tests.

It is a known fact that marijuana stays in the system for several weeks. Once you smoked it, you can be positive to drugs up to three months. Marijuana contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for psychoactive properties of the plant.

Drug Tests Tactics

Some recommend quick detoxification in order to be negative on drug tests. It doesn’t work with marijuana. THC accumulate in the fat cells in the body and cause positive results on drug test for weeks and sometimes even months after the use.

Another tactic is to substitute your urine with somebody else’s. It could be done only if you are not supervised while peeing and careful to keep the substitute sample at the proper (body) temperature. Just be careful not to use female urine if you are a male and that the urine sample you took is from someone who’s drug-free.

Sometimes, people think that if they add something in the urine, it could mask the presence of the drugs. You should know that many tried before you to do the same thing, without much success. Facilities that perform drug test usually test for those masking substances, too. If they found any masking substance, sometimes it means that you have automatically failed the test. Those facilities can fail you even if your urine is too diluted. People frequently drink huge amounts of water to eliminate drugs from their system. Once the testers look at diluted urine they will automatically suspect that there’s something wrong with the sample.

Goldenseal is often used to mask the results of drug testing, but this simply doesn’t work. Although, few people “successfully” passed drug test using goldenseal, it can’t be because of the plant. Doctors explain the negative test by enormous amounts of water these people drank and low dosage of drugs they’ve used. Additionally, wherever they test for drugs, they will be testing for goldenseal also.

If you have some time before the test, there are additional tactics to try. Some recommend burning some fat cells with increased physical activity and then drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day for a week. After that, you should eat as much as you can for every meal, also drinking plenty of water. This tactic should burn the fat cells which contain THC (when you smoked marijuana) and decrease the THC level in the urine.

There are commercial products, made to help you mask or change the urine sample. These include powdered urine, additives, urine heater and many others, all claimed to give good results.

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