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Horrifying Facts

Drugs are among us and most of us areaware of these facts. We strive towards making our children free fromall the toxins we expose ourselves to. For example, all parentsforbid their children to smoke, let alone take drugs since these arebad for your health. Yet, many households are occupied with heavysmokers, hypocritically disallowing their children to mimic what theysee, while, at the same time, they have been smoking passively sincethe day they were born. This, naturally, has catastrophic effects onthe child's system of values, as he/she clings onto a vice of thistype as soon as these are available. Sadly, most drugs and cigarettesare obtainable in the most unlikely place, the school. In fact,schools are places where minors get drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.Moreover, these are the places where most of them indulge in theseharmful substances, developing addictions.

For these reasons, many governments andschool regimens have introduced drug tests in schools. Amazingly,since the onset of this system, the number of minors using drugs ofany type has dropped significantly, motivating other educationalfacilities to do the exactly same thing.

School Drug Tests

These tests are performed randomly,choosing a school or a group of students within a school campus.Then, these children are summoned, their blood, urine and othernecessary samples are taken for analysis and they are later testedfor results. Even breath, sweat, hair and other samples may be taken,making this a thorough procedure with precise and reliable results.Depending on the sample, tests can prove drug usage even 100 daysafter the consumption.

Also, student saliva can be tested forsome specific drugs, even though it is useless for cannabis tracking.This is why a more detailed range of samples is needed, all containdifferent clues which, once analyzed together offer a wide specter ofresults.

Of course, we need to bear in mind thatstudents are likely to cheat on these tests, especially if they areusing drugs heavily. Therefore, the real results are probably muchworse, since many get away with it. Still, drugs are a problem evenwith the current data. Finally, those who get positive results arecontacted, along with their parents and the school staff. Then, theyare directed either to counseling or rehabilitation, depending on theseverity of their condition. This way, many young people are savedfrom going down a drug using downward trajectory, the final stopbeing death or a life-long suffering.

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