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A Highly Useful Test

Many people use mouth swab drug testsin order to be sure a person is not taking drugs. However, thismethod is mostly used by people who are to employ new workers, so asto make sure they have healthy habits and parents who have suspicionsabout their children, fearing that they might be using drugs. Thistest is effective, but it also has some negative sides, thereforemaking it preferable by some, while avoided by others. All in all,the following lines will give more information about the mouth swabdrug test, making it able for you to know how is it done and what arethe benefits as well as flaws of this method.

Mouth Swab Drug Test Characteristics

This test is performed by placing aspecial test swab into your mouth, between your gums. This is donedue to the fact that human saliva contains much information aboutone's bodily fluids and can show if you have been using drugs for thelast three days. Thus, once you have had the swab in your mouth forseveral minutes, you will be asked to give it back and the testingwill commence, the results telling about your latest drug indulgenceor confirming your abstinence from these harmful substances.

Alternatively, you might be asked tospit on the swab without putting it into your mouth, or even to spitdirectly onto the testing device. Either way, it will take no morethan 30 minutes for the test to be done. Results are shown by lineson the device's indicator. Different drugs in your organism will showdifferently colored lines, bearing witness to your nasty habits. Thistest can also confirm and differentiate different drugs in yourorganism, displaying a set of lines with various colors.

Good and Bad Sides of Mouth Swab DrugTest

Benefits of this method lie in itspracticality and effectiveness. Namely, one is able to test a subjectquickly and under supervision, ruling out any chances for faking thetest or not doing it properly. Also, the test can be done anywheresince no advanced equipment is needed. However, it offers resultsonly if the person in question has taken drugs during previous two orthree days. This makes the mouth swab drug test incapable of givingresults regarding long-term usage. Also, this test cannot detectalcohol or inhalant abuse and the sample can only be used for asingle test.

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