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Acne will embark on a path of destruction on just about every human being at some point in their lives, not necessarily in their childhood years.

What is Acne?

Over the majority of the human body there are pores and sitting just below these pores are sebaceous glands. The glands emit a substance that is oily in texture which is called sebum, this product has the task of keeping the skin healthy. However, sometimes the body will make too much of it thus clogging the pores and inviting bacteria which in turn cause acne that is rather painful condition. The acne can be meek to ruthless. If it is somewhat mild situation it will show a few pimples here and there which are white or black heads and they are usually not infected. The more brutal the acne is the more pain you will feel. In the harsh cases the acne may have infected cysts that are embarrassing for most of us. The immune system can overreact and contribute to the red, sore lesions and then react again by causing scars from closing off the pore.

How to Treat Acne

If the acne is severe then the only real way of treating it is with medication. You should seek the help from a dermatologist who will evaluate your skin situation. Using topical remedies could help to lessen the pain to some extent but they are generally not very efficient at getting to the root cause of the acne and bringing it to an end and preventing it from occurring. Taking oral antibiotic medicine is always essential in the battle against acne. Topical and oral medicines are effective when combined together. Firstly, you will be concentrating on decreasing the pain and inflammation caused by the acne. As soon as this is under control, your dermatologist will carry on to conclude the root cause of the acne and prescribe further treatments.

How to Treat Acne from Home?

Firstly you need to keep a diary of the acne treatment you give yourself as well as the level of severity of the acne each day/week and month. You can even be as detailed as to write down the pimple size and type meaning black heads or white heads or red, swollen bumps and even count how many there are. This will help you to figure out what is working and what is not. Your hormones can make a big difference in your acne status so keep a record of your periods as a birth control pill may help to help it in check.

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