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The pain in the right hip is never a symptom that should be left unattended and ignored as it is often associated with a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. But this is not always the case, as sometimes the pain will turn out to be quite temporary and will go away on its own after a little while. But the requirement to check it out just to be sure can never hurt, but it can prevent further complications should the pain end up being the result of a somewhat more serious condition.

However, it is not likely that someone will ignore the pain in the right hip for the simple reason of it being very intense and disrupting the everyday activities of a person. The is include the normal activities such as walking and running, not to mention how unbearable it would be to try to lift something of even moderate weight or try to bend over. Causes for right hip pain are numerous and of different severity.

Right hip pain caused by an injury

Perhaps one of the most frequent causes of the pain in the right hip is any kind of injury. This injury can be quite insignificant and not even worth mentioning, but sometimes the damage can be so great as to result in hip fracture. The symptoms of hip fracture can be pretty unpleasant and hard to bear because the pain tends to be so great that it can manifest itself even when the breathing is slightly enhanced, not to mention trying to do anything else.

Right hip pain caused by the lack of bone density

The lack of bone density is a condition that is caused by insufficient calcium intake. Without enough calcium, the bones end up being weak and more fragile. The pain following this condition is very persistent and extreme, and even a slight cough can lead to it being basically unbearable. This condition is most likely to affect elderly people, but there are always some exceptions. Also, a disease called osteoporosis can very easily arise from it.

Right hip pain caused by bursitis

Bursa is a kind of sac that is filled with fluids and its function is to reduce rubbing of the bodily tissues. Bursa can be found in more than a 150 locations in the body, the hip being one of them. Sometimes, bursa fails to perform its function and the tissues end up touching each other, causing a lot of pain in the area and the inflammation of the bursa. When bursa becomes inflamed, the condition is called bursitis. The pain arising from bursitis is pretty intense and sharp, and it is of no importance if the person is sitting or moving, as it persists through anything.

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